Tuesday, July 26, 2011


How gorgeous are those peaches?  There is nothing quite like fresh, local food.  Right off the tree...straight out of the earth...the flavor just doesn't compare to anything else!  It's so intense right after it's been picked. 
We can't take credit for these peaches, but we did grow these rattlesnake beans.  I'm sure you can tell from the picture that Conrad and Teague helped me break them.  The fresh food from our garden is reward enough, but watching these two boys work in the garden is priceless.  Everyday after work, Guy takes them out into the garden to gather and they come in beaming to show me what was ready to pick each day.  We got our first two pieces of okra yesterday and they are so excited.  They wanted me to cook it so badly, but there's not much you can do with two pieces of okra.   I'm excited too.  Waiting a few more days isn't that long...is it?  I can almost taste the fried okra! 
We tried something new this spring.  We are getting a weekly veggie box from Grow Alabama.  We've talked about it for a while and were wishy-washy about spending the money and wondering if we'd use it all.  We finally decided to give it a try in May and we haven't regretted our decision at all.  I'm not exaggerating at when  I tell you that it is like opening a present every week.  It's beautiful and delicious!  Take a look.
broccolli...cucumbers...red onions...yellow squash...zucchini...new potatoes...strawberries

This was our very first box in May.    It was so much fun to open the first box and it's been just as fun every week since!  Today we got cherry tomatoes, squash, corn, okra (guess I can cook those two pieces with this - C and T will be thrilled), and blueberries.  Last week we had the most amazing cantaloupe.  Absolutely delish!

We have so many beautiful heirloom tomatoes coming in from our own garden and the tiniest, most scrumptious tomatoes I've ever seen called Mexico Midgets.  Have I mentioned that Conrad eats tomatoes like candy...really, I've never seen anything like it.  He has a big sweet tooth like me and if he had to choose I'm not sure if he'd pick a piece of candy or a tomato.  I might just have to test it out and see.  ;)

So today's happy...a bite of home grown delicious heaven!  But who can stop at just one bite!  And if you haven't had fresh picked produce lately...stop by the farmer's market and grab a bite...or two...or three.