Thursday, October 18, 2012


Congratulations to AMANDA RIDDLE CRUMP!  You won the giveaway...comment on Facebook under each pic which size you'd like for each one!

Jonesapalooza is just a few days away!  So excited!  I feel like I'm on top of things a little more this year.  Possibly because my awesome friend, Jess, at Nonnicakes is making the cake instead of me.  It will certainly be spectactular and way, way better than anything I could do.  The best takes a TON of stress off me!  I'll make each of the boys a homemade cake on their birthday so no mommy guilt.  :).  Conrad got his already...Texas Brownies...recipe here on Tastebook...another great one from my mother-in-law.  Wonder what Teague will ask for?

Here's a snaeak peek at Jonesapalooza...the invite and the envelopes.  I am swooning over these large wrap around address labels.

The invite hints at our star activity - GIANT BUILDING BLOCKS in the backyard!

The "Let's Celebrate" wraps around to the back of the envelope.

This is how it looks on the sticker sheet before peeled off and applied.
More on Jonesapalooza 2012 next week after the party!

Friday, October 5, 2012

GIVEAWAY to make my day!

BIG GIVEAWAY!   One winner will receive an entire set of SCRIPTURE ART PRINTS all 22 - any sizes you want (4x6, 5x7, 8x10) valued at approximately $150 (varies depending on sizes you pick)!  How do you win this awesome and inspirational set, you say?

1.  LIKE Creations by Kristi on Facebook.
2.  Share this giveaway on your Facebook page.
3.  Comment and tell me what you would do with the prints if you win.

Extra entries if you:
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2.  Comment on my Facebook page and tell me your favorite Creations by Kristi item.

Giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight!  So hurry and spread the word!

Here are links to the posts on the scripture art prints
part one
part two
part three

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Art Print FREEBIES

I really c a n n o t  b e l i e v e that it's already October!  Fall is so much fun and so busy!  It's birthday season for us as Guy, myself and our two oldest sons all have birthday within a month!  So that means our annual birthday celebration ~ JONESAPALOOZA~ is coming up!  Yep...we're that cheezy!  We decided that if we were going to do a big combined party we might as well give it a silly name!  In a few weeks we'll be having our fourth annual Jonesapalooza...since the boys are bigger we've had a themed celebration.  The first year they were young so we hung out as families in the backyard and enjoyed dinner together.  Then we had Superhero Training Camp and after that was the Arty Party.  This year is a construction party.  I'll be giving out a sneak peek into this party soon.

In the's birthday season for us and the beginning of Halloween decorating for everyone else!  I love the construction theme because this year I'm going with orange, yellow and gray so it will transition right into Halloween decorations!  So excited to be able to make an easy transition this year!

Enough yacking...onto the real reason you stopped by....


Click here for the link that has both of these in a googe doc pdf.  These are size 8x10.  You can print them on a letter size piece of cardstock and trim it.

These are SO CUTE and a perfect easy decoration in a black frame on your mantle, bookshelf or desk!  Here it is printed smaller and matted on display last year!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Scripture Art Prints: Christmas + an All Time Fave Verse {part three}

Oktoberfest is coming up this weekend and I've designed over 20 scripture art prints.  If you live in the area, please come out and join us.  These beautiful prints will be available in sizes perfect for framing and giving as a gift. I will post the prices soon.  I want to okay the prices with the wonderful ladies organizing the craft area because they are going to be a REAL BARGAIN!   After Oktoberfest, these will be available for order through my etsy site and facebook page.

This is my all-time favorite verse and most requested by customers.  I have relied on this verse through so many life events ever since I was a teenager.   
Many of those events seems so silly now...the drama we created for ourselves as teenagers. :)  I had a faded green square of construction paper taped to my mirror with this verse during my teens and twenties.  I think it was faded to mint green by the time I retired it.

If you missed the other designs, click on these links for part one and part two.  Don't forget to enter the contest on the {part two} page.  And if you love what you see, enter your email address to get blog posts by e-mail.  I'll be doing lots of freebies and giveaways for the upcoming holidays,

Coming soon: My mother-in-law's fabulous recipe for ravioli with pancetta and roasted tomatoes.  It is FANTASTIC!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Scripture Art Prints {part two} + a giveaway

Here are a few more scripture art prints!  An inexpensive way to decorate and a wonderful gift to give.  These will be available in 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 soon!  The first place to get them will be at the Oktoberfest here in Trussville.  

Have a favorite scripture you'd like to see?  
Comment below and I just might make it into a print! I'm still designing some new ones including some for Christmas.  If your scripture is chosen, you get a 5x7 print of it FOR FREE!  To be eligible for the giveaway, please LIKE my Facebook page!  

New and current Facebook fans, please hover over the LIKED button until the menu pops up and select Show in News Feed to see when I post updates, new items and giveaways on Facebook.

If you missed the part one of the scripture prints, you can see it HERE.  New and current Facebook fans, be sure to hover over the like button until the menu pops up and check "Show in News Feed" to see when I post updates, giveaways, and new items on my page.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scripture Art Prints {part one}

The first of quite a few of these I'm working on.  These art prints are beautiful framed {with or without a mat}, stuck on a bulletin board or fridge, sitting on a mini easel.  Anywhere you want! They make a beautiful gift.  I'll have some Christmas ones shortly as well. These will be available in 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Planning for the Fam...back to school freebie #3

Today I've got three freebies for you...two to help with food planning and a printable weekly calendar.

Although, I keep a thin calendar in my purse, it helps me to sit down on Sunday and write out our week.  I hang it on the fridge and it's there for all of us to see.  It helps prepare my brain for the week ahead.  I hope it will help you too.

Here's a blank one for you!  Click on any of the photos to get the free printables!

 With three boys and a hungry hubby, I spend a lot of time thinking about food!  It helps keep my budget in check and helps keep the stress down in the afternoons when it's time to cook dinner.    It also helps us remember to vary our breakfast instead of eating a bowl of cereal every day.  We usually have smoothies, oatmeal, cereal and yogurt parfaits on our list.  Sometimes we have muffins or pancetta egg cups too.  On the weekends the hubby likes to make homemade pancakes and homemade biscuits.  He's quite the breakfast chef extraordinaire!  What's on your breakfast list?

Lunch is something I struggle with.  Mr. Jones would like to have a hot dog EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Not me.  We do like the Hebrew National Kosher {all beef, reduced fat} hot dogs on occasion, but not  e v e r y   s i n g l e   d a y !  Our lunch list usually looks like this:  hot dogs, deli turkey and cheese for sandwiches or wraps, PBJ,  grilled cheese and tomato soup, salad.  Sometimes we have chicken salad or mediterranean tuna salad.  I struggle with lunch and would LOVE your ideas!  We always have fresh fruit and veggies, but a lunch "main dish" is a struggle for me. Lunch box lunches are easy because they are happy not having a lunch "main dish," but at home they often want to eat like Daddy.  Please give some ideas in the comments!

I do plan out my dinners and it has helped so much!  I know what days I'll cook and I know I'll have plenty of leftovers for the nights we rush in from karate for a quick dinner.  Thinking about it ahead of time is a HUGE help!  It saves stress, money and crazy last minute grocery runs.

  I love this next one because it helps me see the variety of snack foods we have available instead of reaching for a bag of goldfish every time.  We try to keep yogurt, cheese sticks, fresh veggies {carrots, cucumbers, celery}, whatever fruit is in season + bananas, dried fruit, granola bars (sometimes store bought/sometimes homemade).  What healthy snacks do you like to keep on hand for your family?

My other downfall is the freezer.  I stick stuff in there and totally forget about it!  I've been using the calendar and menu for a while, but the snack/freezer list is new.  I hope it will help me utilize what's in the freezer instead of forgetting about it.

 Enjoy and leave your ideas on what you will put on your lists!  I'd love some new, healthy ideas!  Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think!  Would you like this in different colors?  Let me know and maybe we'll have some more freebies!