Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lunch Box Love...back to school freebie #1

So, the BIG day is almost here.  My BIG boy is going to kindergarten tomorrow.    It's a wonderful milestone and he is ecstatic.  I, on the other hand , am a BIG GIANT BLOB of emotions.....excited for him and his new adventure.....sad that our carefree days of hanging out on our own timeline are over.....scared that he's about to face the world on his own.  But, he's a good kid...a really good kid {yes, I'm totally biased, but he really is.....really :) } and I know he'll do great!  He is counting the minutes and can't wait!  I couldn't be more proud! 

So to celebrate and to make sure I send a little extra love with my little guy everyday, I'm giving you a freebie from my shop...creations by kristi.

CLICK HERE for a set of printable lunch box notes. 
  Some have a fill in the blank starter and some are blank.
All three pages included.

 Simply print and cut out.  Then write a little note to your BIG boy (or girl)! 
What fun to find a little surprise everyday! 

Print as many as you like and please share with your friends!  Don't forget to head to Facebook and like creations by kristi.  And subscribe to my blog for updates on my stationary and invitation creations, recipes, fun times, projects and more.

Leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to see on lunch box notes...jokes, cute sayings, blanks, more fill-in-the-blanks?  Maybe I'll make some more.  :)

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