Thursday, October 18, 2012


Congratulations to AMANDA RIDDLE CRUMP!  You won the giveaway...comment on Facebook under each pic which size you'd like for each one!

Jonesapalooza is just a few days away!  So excited!  I feel like I'm on top of things a little more this year.  Possibly because my awesome friend, Jess, at Nonnicakes is making the cake instead of me.  It will certainly be spectactular and way, way better than anything I could do.  The best takes a TON of stress off me!  I'll make each of the boys a homemade cake on their birthday so no mommy guilt.  :).  Conrad got his already...Texas Brownies...recipe here on Tastebook...another great one from my mother-in-law.  Wonder what Teague will ask for?

Here's a snaeak peek at Jonesapalooza...the invite and the envelopes.  I am swooning over these large wrap around address labels.

The invite hints at our star activity - GIANT BUILDING BLOCKS in the backyard!

The "Let's Celebrate" wraps around to the back of the envelope.

This is how it looks on the sticker sheet before peeled off and applied.
More on Jonesapalooza 2012 next week after the party!

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