Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Art Print FREEBIES

I really c a n n o t  b e l i e v e that it's already October!  Fall is so much fun and so busy!  It's birthday season for us as Guy, myself and our two oldest sons all have birthday within a month!  So that means our annual birthday celebration ~ JONESAPALOOZA~ is coming up!  Yep...we're that cheezy!  We decided that if we were going to do a big combined party we might as well give it a silly name!  In a few weeks we'll be having our fourth annual Jonesapalooza...since the boys are bigger we've had a themed celebration.  The first year they were young so we hung out as families in the backyard and enjoyed dinner together.  Then we had Superhero Training Camp and after that was the Arty Party.  This year is a construction party.  I'll be giving out a sneak peek into this party soon.

In the meantime....it's birthday season for us and the beginning of Halloween decorating for everyone else!  I love the construction theme because this year I'm going with orange, yellow and gray so it will transition right into Halloween decorations!  So excited to be able to make an easy transition this year!

Enough yacking...onto the real reason you stopped by....


Click here for the link that has both of these in a googe doc pdf.  These are size 8x10.  You can print them on a letter size piece of cardstock and trim it.

These are SO CUTE and a perfect easy decoration in a black frame on your mantle, bookshelf or desk!  Here it is printed smaller and matted on display last year!

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  1. Love the freebies and love the Jonesapalooza parties! You put on awesome parties!